Americans First Rugby Match

As most of you know, we both work in sports and we’re huge sports fans. Most times when we travel, a sporting event of some sort is involved…so of course, South Africa was no different.

While in Cape Town, Drew and I had the opportunity to attend our first rugby match. We bought last minute tickets for a very reasonable price outside Newlands Stadium about an hour before the start of the match and then we went in to experience our first rugby match!


The match up was the Stormers from Cape Town versus the Jaguares from Buenos Aires. Since it was the first match of the season, Drew was excited to root root root for the home team. We knew some of the rugby basics going in: scrums, passing backward, how to score. However, we had no idea how the scoring worked and how penalties were decided. Half the time when we thought one team was getting a penalty, it ended up being a penalty for the other team. Very confusing! We’ll study up so we’re more prepared next time…

At first, the Stormers were running away with it. But after halftime, the Jaguares started making a comeback. It ended up being a fairly close match with a final score of 28-20–the Stormers defeating the Jaguares.


In addition to experiencing a new sport, Drew and I got to try different stadium food. They had the tried and true Coke, hot dogs, and fries, but Drew branched out and tried a chicken salami curry that he enjoyed. I kept it simple with some fries, but got to try South African ketchup which was completely different than expected.


Overall, Drew and I had a great time! The atmosphere at sporting events is always so much fun and it’s a great way to learn more about the places you’re visiting. We may not be rugby experts, but we made great fans for the day!


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