Visiting Victoria Falls

If you don’t have Victoria Falls on your bucket list, add it now. Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and the falls stand taller than Iguazu and are wider than Niagara–making them an incredible sight to see!


When Drew and I were planning our trip to Africa, we knew we had to make a stop in Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls park opens at 6 a.m. most days, so you can head in and get an early start and have the place to yourself. Admission is $30 for an international guest.

To prepare for our Victoria Falls visit, we wore quick-drying clothes, packed our raincoats, and I opted for flip flops. One thing we overlooked was sunscreen and boy, did we pay the price! Both of our faces and necks were nice and pink by the end of our visit to Victoria Falls. Learn from us and be sure to apply and pack sunscreen!


We arrived to the park in the late morning and were happy to find that it wasn’t too crowded. The park is set up with various designated viewpoints that you visit along the mile or so walk along the falls. With each viewpoint, you become more and more wet. Eventually, you will be in a constant mist (at one point it was almost like standing in a shower) and you will be completely drenched. Once the mist got pretty heavy, we elected to keep our nice camera in the bag and I chose to keep my phone in my raincoat pocket. Thankfully we had the GoPro in its waterproof case to help document the last bit! Note: we visited in late February when the falls are at their peak, so our experience may be a bit wetter than yours!


After seeing the falls from the Zimbabwe side, we crossed the bridge over to Zambia in hopes of seeing the falls from the other side. However, after entering Zambia we both realized how exhausted (and sunburned) we were and decided to skip viewing the falls from Zambia, satiated with the experience we had in Zimbabwe.


Having visited dozens of waterfalls around the world, Drew and I were completely taken aback by the size and beauty of Victoria Falls. If you are in the southern region of Africa, be sure to plan a trip to Zimbabwe or Zambia to check out the falls!


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