Instagram-worthy New York City Food

On our last visit to New York City, Drew and I decided to hit a few food hot spots for treats we can’t get in Atlanta.

Our first stop was DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections. We heard the lines could get wicked long, so we went right at opening and didn’t encounter a line at all (because most sane people aren’t eating cookie dough at 10 a.m.) We both ordered the Commando flavor, which I paired with rainbow sprinkles in a cup while Drew opted for Oreo crumbles in a pink waffle cone.

We both loved our cookie dough treats. It was super rich, so any size bigger than a small isn’t necessary, but it’s super delicious. We enjoyed it so much that when we encountered a stand selling it at the Mets game later that weekend, we indulged again. Definitely two thumbs up!

Later in the trip, we ventured to Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer for their famous milkshakes. We went to the Broome Street location around lunchtime, so we encountered a bit of a wait. It was a little drizzly out, so I think that kept the crowds away, ultimately making our wait only 20 minutes. Once inside, Drew ordered the Cotton Candy strawberry shake and I went for the Cookies ‘n Cream Supreme Oreo shake.

While they were incredible sights to see, the milkshake itself was just okay. Definitely a fun experience and made for good photos, but the milkshakes weren’t anything special.

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer crazy shakes

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Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer crazy shakes after

Our last fun food stop was at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, home to the famous Rainbow Bagel. In addition to the Rainbow Bagel, they also have a unicorn bagel and seasonal festive bagels as well as some really unique cream cheese flavors like Funfetti, Nutella, and cannoli. We were plain Janes and ended up ordering the plain rainbow bagels toasted with plain cream cheese.

Most bagels in New York are pretty good (I swear it’s something in the water), and our rainbow bagels were no different. The colors were super vibrant and made breakfast a little bit more fun that morning.

There are limitless spots for amazing food in New York City, but these three spots were tasty and made for some fun photos. Is there anywhere we should head to on our next visit to NYC? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I try to go to Luke’s Lobster whenever I’m in NYC. They have several locations in the city so it’s easy to find one. It’s casual, no-fuss, delicious Lobster (or crab or shrimp) rolls in a fast-casual, seafood shack like environment. Just order at the counter and your roll is ready in about five minutes!

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