Visiting Niagara Falls

My husband, Drew, and I absolutely love waterfalls, so it only made sense that eventually we would travel to America’s most beloved waterfall: Niagara Falls. Taking advantage of a long holiday weekend, we flew into Buffalo to spend a day at Niagara Falls.

Fair warning: Niagara Falls is very touristy. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t still a very cool place to visit. It just means you should prepare for expensive parking, overpriced trinkets, and street vendor harassment. We parked at a lot near the falls and walked over to Niagara Falls State Park. It’s free to enter the park and view the river and falls.

Niagara Falls State Park sign

We started by taking photos from the U.S. side of the falls. Then we walked along some paved paths near the river and overlooking the edge of the falls. Finally, we decided to do the Cave of the Winds for $19. The Cave of the Winds tour lets you descend into Niagara Gorge and see Bridal Veil Falls up close and personal. They provide you with a poncho upon admission, but prepare to get wet!

Niagara Falls tourist

After exploring the American side of Niagara Falls, we grabbed our passports and walked across the bridge into Canada. The Canadian side of the falls is more impressive than the American side, truth be told. We also found the line for the Canadian Hornblower Cruises to be much shorter than America’s Maid of the Mist. For $20, we bought tickets for the Hornblower Cruise where we donned red ponchos and drove directly into Horseshoe Falls’ mist. If you think you’re going to stay dry, think again!

Niagara Falls Hornblower Cruises

To finish the day, we walked along the edge of the Canadian side and enjoyed the beautiful view and the sound of the rushing falls. Niagara Falls is definitely a sight to behold and is a national treasure, so I definitely encourage making the journey to see the falls one day!


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