Tips for Visiting the Harry Potter Studios in London

If you’re a Harry Potter junkie like me, then visiting the Harry Potter studios in London should be on your bucket list. I tried to go when I was in London for the 2012 Olympics, but the tickets were sold out months in advance. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel back to London with some friends in the fall of 2013 and we prioritized visiting Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.

The Making of Harry Potter Entrance Hall

Secure tickets early. The Harry Potter studio tour is notorious for filling up quickly, so be sure to book your ticket well in advance of your visit to ensure you get your preferred date and time.

Select an early reservation. The tour is self-guided, so you’re able to move at your own pace. I’d recommend getting an earlier ticket reservation to ensure you have as much time as you need to see everything. Plus, the earlier you start, the fewer people are there.

Getting there. If you’re staying in London, there’s direct a train from London Euston to Watford Junction. The studio provides roundtrip bus service from Watford Junction to the studio for 2.50 GBP (cash only), so be sure to jump on the bus–you can’t miss it as it’s decked out in Harry Potter images!

Prepare for queues. Mentally prepare for queues because there are lines everywhere. I’d advise printing your ticket off at home so you can avoid the ticket kiosk queue. To enter, you will queue in the security line to have your bags searched and to go through a metal detector. Inside there’s the main ticket queue which is where you enter the studio tour. Lastly, inside the studio tour there are opportunities to get photos in front of a green screen flying on brooms or sitting in the Weasley’s car…but prepare to wait a good 45 minutes to an hour for those activities.

Watch the movies. Assuming you’re a fan, be sure to rewatch the movies as it will make seeing the costumes and props even more exciting. There will be details on the tour that you wouldn’t remember from the screen unless they are fresh in your mind.

Hogwarts castle model Harry Potter studio tour

Indulge. Halfway through the tour there is a stand for Butterbeer–try it! It’s a delicious butterscotch concoction that’s super sweet, but tasty. There’s also a shop at the end of the store with more Harry Potter merchandise than you can imagine. Treat yourself to something fun!

Charge up. Make sure your camera and phone are both fully charged before venturing on the tour. You will be there for hours capturing images and sharing on social, so you’ll want to ensure you have fully charged batteries (and maybe backup batteries!)

Visiting the Harry Potter studios is a great way to spend half a day while in London. You will definitely get your money’s worth and come away with amazing experiences and memories. After you go, let me know what your favorite part of the tour was!


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