24 Hours in Seattle

This summer Drew and I spent some time in the Pacific Northwest–and absolutely loved it! We had the opportunity to explore Oregon in May and made our way back to the PNW for Seattle, Vancouver, and Whistler in July.

Where To Eat and Drink

Biscuit Bitch. If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast spot with a portion size that will keep you full, look no further than Biscuit Bitch. We went to the Caffe Lieto location, but I’ve been assured that every location is equally as tasty.

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. Hi, I’m Kathleen and I’m an ice cream addict. Touted as Seattle’s best ice cream, Molly Moon’s delivered. We went to the Pine Street location in Capitol Hill where thankfully the line wasn’t too long and moved quickly. I opted for the Scout Mint. However, as I was checking out, one of the employees gave me a sample of their Cookie Dough and it was very unique and is definitely what I would get next time. Pop into Molly Moon’s for an afternoon treat!

Optimism Brewing Company. The perfect spot to kick back and try some local brews. They have a small courtyard with a food truck where you can enjoy nice weather and a bite to eat while sampling their beers.

Bramling Cross. Excellent location on Ballard Avenue with a diverse menu. If this particular restaurant doesn’t tickle your fancy, then be sure to check out spots in the surrounding area as it’s a treasure trove of great restaurants!

Things To Do

Mariners game. You know we love traveling for baseball, so of course I’m going to recommend visiting Safeco Field for a Mariners game. The stadium is fun, but they also have the best food selection in baseball (no lie.) If baseball isn’t your thing, consider a Seattle Sounders or Seattle Seahawks game–their stadium is right next door to where the Mariners play.

Ferry to West Seattle. Take the ferry from Downtown to West Seattle for one of the best views of the city. The ride is a quick one, which will give you time to stop at Marination Ma Kai for a dockside drink before taking the ferry back downtown.

Seattle Ferry

Pike Place Market. Isn’t this a total tourist trap? Yes, but it’s still worth visiting. The seafood and flower offerings are unmatched and the little shops are fun to browse through.

Kerry Park. If you’re looking for another skyline option besides the ferry, Kerry Park is your spot. Great for sunsets and for getting a good shot of the Space Needle.

Kerry Park Seattle

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