Things To Do in Whistler

Over the summer, Drew and I spent some time in Canada. During our trip, we visited Whistler for 4 days and left wishing we had more time! While Whistler is best known for being a winter destination with world-renowned skiing, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy during the summer.

There are so many awesome hikes in the Whistler area that it was hard for us to choose. One day we did the Joffre Lakes hike which takes you past three beautiful glacier-fed lakes. Another day we did the strenuous Garibaldi Lake hike which leads you to a large lake surrounded by mountains. We enjoyed both hikes and the lakes and views they provided, so you can’t make a bad choice!

Joffre Lakes Whistler

Eat and Drink
When we travel, checking out local beers is a priority for Drew, so we were pleasantly surprised to discover Whistler has it’s own brewery. Whistler Brewing Company is a short drive from Whistler Village and offers a good selection in a fun warehouse atmosphere. While Drew looks forward to beer on trips, I have a rule that we must sample ice cream on every vacation…otherwise it isn’t really a vacation, right? COWS in Whistler Village is one of the most delicious ice creams I’ve had in a long time. Be sure to go grab a scoop or two!

COWS Ice Cream Whistler

Biking seems to be a top summertime activity in Whistler. Families rent bikes for the duration of their visit and use them for transportation around Whistler Village. Out on main roads, drivers are very mindful and respectful of cyclists, so feel free to ride on main highways to see the sights and feel the burn.

If you’re regular readers, you know we love a good waterfall. Luckily, there are so many beautiful falls to see in the Whistler area. On our drive into Whistler, we made a stop at Brandywine Falls Provincial Park to make the short walk to Brandywine Falls. Another nearby waterfall is Nairn Falls which includes a leisurely hike alongside rapids before you reach the roaring falls.

Brandywine Falls BC Canada

As we prepared for our visit to Whistler, everyone encouraged us to visit the Squamish gondola for amazing views of the surrounding water, mountains, and trees. We especially liked the suspension bridge!

Olympic Plaza
As an Olympic junkie, pictures with the Olympic rings were a must. Stop by the Olympic Plaza in Whistler Village to get pictures with the rings and to see the plaques commemorating the athletes that medaled in the 2010 Olympic Games.

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