Visiting Mount Pilatus

Since Drew and I started our trip in Lucerne, we knew visiting Mount Pilatus was an absolute must. We had a full day set aside for our adventure to Mount Pilatus, so we elected to do what is called “the golden round trip.” This meant that we took a boat, a cogwheel train, and a cable car to see the mountain.

Lucerne Ferry Mount Pilatus

We started by catching a ferry in Lucerne and taking the boat around Lake Lucerne. The views were incredible! Our boat dropped us off in Alpnachstad where we hopped on the steepest cogwheel railway in the world which brought us to the summit. (Tip: purchase your cogwheel train pass while on the ferry – if you have the Swiss Travel Pass, you can expect to pay half fare for the cogwheel train and the ferry ride should be free.)

Next we jumped on a cogwheel train that took us to the summit of Mount Pilatus (Tip: For the best view on the train, sit on the right side of the train facing the back next to a window.) Once we reached the summit, we were welcomed by a beautiful alphorn group–it was a really special experience!

Mount Pilatus Switzerland alphorn

At the summit, there’s plenty to see and do. We hiked around to various viewpoints overlooking Lucerne, watched paragliders launch, and explored some caves and interesting pathways. While we didn’t partake, there are restaurants at Mount Pilatus if you end up needing a bite. There are also two hotels at the top that offer amazing views and what I would imagine would be a pretty unique experience.

Mount Pilatus overlook Switzerland

After spending a few hours at the top, we took a cable car down to Fräkmüntegg to slide down the longest toboggan run in Switzerland. It was super fun, but it went by quickly! After the toboggan run, we caught another cable car to the base of the mountain and ultimately took a bus back to the center of Lucerne.

If you’re visiting Lucerne, I highly recommend making the trip to Mount Pilatus. The views are beautiful and the journey itself is really fun–we really enjoyed being on the water on the ferry and the views from the cable cars.

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