Boating in Cabo

To celebrate the holidays, my family visited Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and stayed at the Dreams Los Cabos resort. As a Christmas gift to my parents and siblings, Drew and I hired a boat to take us on a half-day cruise around Cabo. It ended up being one of the highlights of the trip and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Cabo and looking for something fun to do – it’s an activity that was great for all ages!

After a bit of Googling, we decided to go with Cabo Yacht Life. We elected to do the 4 hour charter (though we generously got a bit more time than that) and the boat easily accommodated all 7 of us. We scheduled our cruise from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., meeting our skipper at the Cabo Marina at 9:30 a.m.

El Arco The Arch Cabo Mexico family Christmas boat yacht Cabo Yacht Life

Our boat took us to El Arco and we cruised along the mountainside of Pedregal. Cabo Yacht Life provided fishing poles, so my brothers did a bit of fishing as we cruised along. My entire family was very excited at the prospect of seeing whales and dolphins, so the skipper made sure to point out every whale sighting, and even brought us to certain areas where we could whale watch – it was amazing!

After a couple hours of cruising around while listening to our favorite tunes and imbibing in the complimentary drinks, our driver brought us to Chileno Bay so we could swim in the clear waters for a bit. We all had fun jumping into the water from the boat and Cabo Yacht Life provided snorkel gear, so we were able to see some of the fish and aquatic life in the bay.

Once we had our fill of swimming, we slowly made our way back to Cabo Marina. Our boat provided us with a light lunch of tacos and chips and salsa. Along the way back we had more whale sightings and we all just enjoyed being out on the water. Upon returning back to the marina area, we encountered sea lions, which were cool to see up close and personal – one even tried to board our boat!

Christmas Cabo, Mexico yacht boat Cabo Yacht Life Chileno Bay Pacific Ocean

Overall, we had an awesome time boating in Cabo and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to do with friends or family. While we loved relaxing at our resort, it was fun to have a special outing as a family and to see and do so many unique things together.

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  1. We truly had a great and memorable time! Cabo was a nice Christmas respite and the boat was a perfect day get away. Thanx Drew and Kathleen!


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