Hiking the Caminito Del Rey

While visiting Spain, Drew and I made it a priority to hike the Caminito Del Rey in southern Spain. Once regarded as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world, we were very excited to hike through a gorge and have an adventure.

Since Caminito Del Rey was a bit out of the way of some of our other destinations, we planned to visit as we ventured by car from Seville to Ronda, then Ronda to Caminito Del Rey, and ultimately finishing in Granada. We were in Spain in the middle of winter, so daylight hours were shorter. Because of this, the latest we could access the Caminito Del Rey was at 2:30 p.m. and Caminito Del Rey officials estimate the hike can take between 3-4 hours. Tickets are required to access the hike and reservations fill up quickly, so if this is something you want to do, secure tickets well in advance.

We arrived to the area surrounding the Caminito Del Rey about 20 minutes before our admission time. We parked in public parking near a small restaurant off a main road and quickly realized we would have to hike through the woods to the start of the hike. We rushed through the several kilometer hike and made it to admission center to start our hike in the nick of time – we were the last people admitted onto the trail. We didn’t realize we would have to hike to the start of the hike, otherwise we would have arrived earlier. Don’t repeat our mistake – arrive early to ensure you are able to complete the hike. We lucked out this time!

At the admission hut, they take your ticket and issue you hair nets and hard hats to wear during the hike…and then the adventure begins! The first section is comprised of boardwalks and platforms drilled into the sides of mountains and cliffs overlooking a gorge. It’s beautiful and thrilling!

After hiking along the platforms for a few kilometers, you then venture into the woods where you’ll follow a path for roughly 4 kilometers. Here we saw pretty foliage, streams, and even some mountain goats and deer.

Finally, you conclude your hike on another stretch of elevated boardwalks and bridges. The views are amazing and we both felt safe the entire time. As the hike concludes, you exit the gorge and will need to walk several more kilometers to a bus stop that will take you back to your car (we bought one-way bus admission when we purchased our Caminito Del Rey tickets and recommend you do the same.)

Caminito Del Rey Spain gorge exit end platforms boardwalks hiking hike dangerous

Overall, we enjoyed the hike and didn’t find it to be scary at all. Additionally, the hike was fairly easy and we believe most people would be able to enjoy this activity as long as they are comfortable walking 8-10 kilometers. Who doesn’t want to say they’ve conquered one of the most dangerous hikes in the world? If you’re in Spain, make it happen!

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