Tips for Long Flights

With as much travel as I do, comfort is key on long flights. This was put to the test when Drew and I flew home from our honeymoon on one of the top 10 longest flights in the world - Delta's Johannesburg to Atlanta direct flight that lasts about 17 hours. Below is what helps... Continue Reading →

How to Make the Most Out of Your Vacation Days

People frequently ask how I travel so much while working a 9-5 job. While it's not easy, it can be done! You just need to prioritize travel and make the most out of your vacation days. Here are the rules Drew and I abide by as we plan our annual travel schedules: Use all of... Continue Reading →

Solo Female Travel Tips

Traveling solo as a female can be intimidating. But with a sense of adventure and a bit of cautious common sense, you can confidently travel as a solo female nearly anywhere in the world. After planning many international trips in my early 20s with friends and family that never came to fruition, I finally decided... Continue Reading →

How to Plan a Trip to the Olympics

If attending the Olympics is not on your travel bucket list, it absolutely should be. I’ve had the opportunity to attend 4 Olympics, some as personal travel and others as part of my career, and I would encourage anyone with even a remote interest in travel and sports to attend. The games are an event... Continue Reading →

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